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    Episode 21: MIRANDA LEHMAN

    When did you decide to start shooting girls? What was your “mental process” behind the decision?

    Gender doesn’t matter to me. 

    What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?


    Does your mother appreciate your pictures?

    She appreciates my creativity, however it manifests.

    A movie that we should watch.

    I’ll give you three:  Creepers, The Long Goodbye, and In A Lonely Place

    Who is your “dream” model? Where would you love to set your shooting?

    I’d love to photograph myself at 14 in my hometown in Southern California.

    Are you keeping your work secret to someone?

    Yes.  Keeping secrets can be spectacular for one’s creativity.

    Are you usually turned on by the model you are shooting?

    Bringing ideas to life always turns me on. 

    Name three photographers that you consider masters.

    I never tire of Bill Henson and Nobuyoshi Araki.

    Did any model ever get mad at you because she was looking “ugly” in your pictures?

    Ugliness can be even more compelling than beauty.  It’s good to tell those who think otherwise to Fuck Off.

    What do you do in your free time?

    I eat really well, dance, and make love.  Living richly makes any art better.

    What is the difference between a good nude picture and an amazing one?

    A good picture tells a story.

    Who is, in your opinion, the most overrated nude photographer? And the one who is not appreciated yet?

    Mystery and personality pull me into any picture.  Lack of emotion repels me.  

    Your biggest fault.

    Having “fault” is a silly thing to consider.  You are who you are.

    What does your partner think about your work?

    My partner provides the best insight of anyone I know.

    Do you remember your dreams in the morning? Are you able to interpret them?

    Yes, always.  I love my dreams.  They show me worlds and feelings I’d never know otherwise.


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