aurora fotografi, FABRIZIO VATIERI Where are you from? Where do...

    Where are you from? Where do you live?

    I’m from Naples and i live between Naples and Milan.

    How old are you?


    How do you pay your bills? Are you working as a professional photographer?

    It’s not so easy to pay bills with Fine Art Photography, but my research is focused also on Architecture and Urbanism, so it happen to collaborate with academic or editorial settings. Until few months ago I paid my bills working in a record store.

    What cameras do you use?

    Fuji 670 GW III, Canon 5D Mark II.

    Any photographer or artist inspiring you?

    The New Topographers Movement - Art Ensemble of Chicago and all Blaxploitation - David Lynch.

    What/who do you enjoy to shoot the most?

    My work is an investigation on the contemporary landscape and its constant changes.. so I’m constantly fascinated by the places that are on the fringes of big cities, where you can see the marked signs of an identity crisis, constantly reiterated by the hand of Man.

    Do you believe in god?

    I believe in mysticism.

    What do you drink on a night out?

    Beer, Vodka or Amaro Lucano with tonic water.

    Do you like dancing?

    I really love dancing!

    What’s your favorite first name?


    Are you a fashion addicted?


    What’s your favorite tv series?

    Twin Peaks.

    Recommend us a book.

    Walden ( Henry David Thoreau ).

    What’s the country of your dreams?

    A small island with some small hills and small canyons, red sand everywhere, and a black forest in the middle, with my wood house.

    Have you ever been to Iceland?


    What song would you choose for a slideshow of your work?

    I never thought about a song to accompany my photographs, perhaps because both music and photography are too important to me. I’m working on a trilogy Mitologia / Mitopoiesi / Topografia, you should see the first part Mitologia on my website…so, Topografia is the part dedicated to the places where I grew up in the boundary between the suburbs and the countryside and it includes also a series of Field Recordings processed into my first spanish guitar that my father gave me at 13… and… ok, this is the soundtrack!

    Ask yourself a question. Tell me your answer (like Marzullo does)

    What is your first approach to a new project?

    - Walking!



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